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Orange is the New Black Merchandise: http://bit.ly/1jcIHmG

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the fear has gripped me, but here I go
( p l e a s e   b r e a k   m y   h e a r t )

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Anonymous asked: What's the thing with the tattoo

It’s seriously delayed but last week I had some questions as to when Alex got that tattoo on her wrist, after the breakup with Piper or before. It’s still not certain as to what it is.

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Not most flattering picture, but it’s clear she has her tattoo when they are in Paris and break up :)

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5 Day OITNB Challenge.

How it works : All you have to do is post one piece of original art each of the 5 days starting from Monday July 28, to make it fair for everyone we’re starting Monday in America so everyone can work our their time differences.

What you have to do : Just create your own art in accordance to the days below. You can make fanart such as drawing it by hand or on the computer, you can make edited screencaps and you can make gifs. As long as they’re original. No reposts please.

What to tag them with : Tag them with “oitnbchallenge” so we can all reblog them and check out others artworks. 

What the categories are :

Monday - Favourite character.

Tuesday - Favourite ship. (or OTP)

Wednesday - Favourite friendship.

Thursday - Favourite quote.

Friday - Favourite scene.

Other notes : you can add a quote or write why they/it’s your favourite, it’s completely up to you. Most importantly HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!

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Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black. I absolutely love all the characters from this series but I had to dedicate fanart to her.

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